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Committed to People,Committed to the Future.TOSHIBA
Committed to People,Committed to the Future.TOSHIBA

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Welcome to our web site serving the Middle East and Africa, and thank you for visiting us. I hope you will find the site useful, a portal that opens the way to a better understanding of Toshiba—what we can do and how we can contribute.
Toshiba was established in Tokyo in 1875. Since then, the company has endeavored to serve society with innovative technologies that contribute to a better quality of life. Today, Toshiba Group comprises about 20 business units that operate in a wide range of fields—infrastructure businesses that include power generation, water and sewage and railway systems, and electronic devices businesses. We classify these businesses into four functional segments: Devices/Products, which includes semiconductors and motors; Infrastructure Systems (Installation), which covers the initial construction of essential infrastructure; Infrastructure Services, which deals with long-term equipment maintenance and inspection, equipment renewals, and contracted operations; and Data Services, which collects and analyzes the very diverse data generated from infrastructure service operations and uses them as the basis for value creation. We are building links between each segment to realize synergies that will allow us to create and deliver high value-added products and services, and to cultivate new demand.
Since its founding as a manufacturer, Toshiba has secured extensive knowledge and achievements in a broad range of business fields (physical technologies). By combining these with information processing, digital and AI technologies (cyber technologies), we are able to make full use of cyber-physical-system (CPS) technologies, and to take on and solve problems facing society and our customers. Beyond this, we also aim to solve social issues with our own cutting-edge technologies—including products and technologies for realizing a decarbonized society; precision medicine that allows people to lead healthier, richer lives; and quantum key distribution that realizes unbreakable information transmission.
Here in the Middle East and Africa, our businesses range wide: from high efficiency power generation systems and transmission and distribution systems to industry-leading elevators to consumer products. Through our products and activities, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions. This is a fast growing region with great potential. Toshiba Gulf FZE, our regional headquarters, listens intently to the voices of the people of the region, to understand needs and to provide answers.
Toshiba Gulf FZE and Toshiba Group companies are bringing our matchless capabilities to the Middle East and Africa, and are helping realize a sustainable and safe society. We look forward to serving you.