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Committed to People,Committed to the Future.TOSHIBA
Committed to People,Committed to the Future.TOSHIBA

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Welcome to our web site serving the Middle East and Africa, and thank you for visiting us. I hope you will find the site useful, a portal that opens the way to a better understanding of Toshiba—what we can do and how we can contribute.

Toshiba was established in Tokyo in 1875, 140 years ago, and throughout that time the company has endeavored to serve society with innovative technologies that contribute to a better quality of life. Today, we focus our energy and global resources on three main areas of business, Energy, Storage and Healthcare, as they allow us to respond to the complex and diversified challenges of a rapidly changing social environment.

As economies grow and populations rise, energy consumption is growing too, and with it emissions of greenhouse gases. There must be a transition to more efficient, more environmentally-friendly energy generation systems that can help to counter climate change.

Alongside this, rapid advances in information technology and communications—ITC—are changing the face of the region. They are speeding up progress and creating exciting opportunities for value creation in both business and daily life.

As economic development change lifestyles, diets become richer and we rely more on cars. Even as we enjoy the benefits, we must also make sure that we stay fit and well, and make the most of advances in healthcare technologies.

Here in the Middle East and Africa, our businesses range wide: from high efficiency power generation systems and transmission and distribution systems to industry-leading elevators and medical equipment, to consumer products. Through our products and activities, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions. This is a fast growing region with great potential. Toshiba Gulf FZE, our regional headquarters, listens intently to the voices of the people of the region, to understand needs and to provide answers.

Toshiba Gulf FZE and Toshiba Group companies are bringing our matchless capabilities to the Middle East and Africa, and are helping realize a sustainable and safe society. We look forward to serving you.