Portégé R830
A strong shield built-in
Satellite C50
Satellite L830

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Additional Info

Home Computing Laptops

Offering everything from everyday laptops to cutting-edge entertainment machines, the Toshiba Satellite family provides exceptional all-round performance, perfect for home use. Powerful processors, advanced graphics, stunning displays, integrated Blu-ray™ or DVD rewritable drives and high-performance integrated speakers combine with outstanding Toshiba quality into one exceptional package. Whether you're a gamer, an HD movie enthusiast, or just looking for a laptop for everyday browsing, look no further - Toshiba's stunning Satellite range has it all.

Gaming Laptops

If you're a multimedia enthusiast or an avid gamer you need extreme power, and Toshiba's Qosmio range provides all the power you need. High power processors, extreme dedicated graphics, and Toshiba's leading screen technology deliver incredible playback of Blu-ray Discs™ and the latest PC games, alongside immersive sound courtesy of speakers designed by audio experts Harman Kardon®.

Business Laptops

Our business range includes laptops for the most demanding business professionals. Whether you're looking for a laptop that's thin and light, a high performance business machine, or a reliable desktop replacement, you're sure to find the perfect business laptop that won't let you down. Whether you're in the office or on-the-go, you can count on Toshiba laptops to provide a high-quality mobile computing experience.

PC Options, Accessories

Accessorise your laptop with options from Toshiba -- external hard disk drives, dedicated and universal docking solutions, and carry cases.

Toshiba Services

Have you ever thought about upgrading or extending your laptop or digital product protection? Toshiba Services can help you protect your product investment. Our service offering includes Warranty Extension, Data Recovery, Pick-up & Return, On-site Repair, and more.