LED TV 40PB200

Part Number : : 40PB200

  • AutoClean

    Toshiba's proprietary digital technology for analogue image enhancement, Auto Clean is developed to complement the performance of Auto Signal Booster.

    Auto Signal Booster improved the sensitivity to weak RF signal in poor reception areas, Image becomes clearer when the RF signal is strengthened, Image clarity goes a step further with Auto Clean which minimizes colour noise of RF signals.


  • 10-Bit Video Processing
    10-bit Video Processing maintains the 10-bit quality of input data quality during video processing and produces over
    1 billion colours, or more that 64 times as many colours as the conventional 8-bit processors. This much larger quantity of data means that the colours you see are more accurate and the transition between colours are much smoother. The result is more realistic picture, delivering all the colour intensity and smoothness of the original source.
  • Full HD 1080p
    Toshiba REGZA Full High Definition LCD TV seizes the maximum potential of the HD resolution. The LCD panel holds the exact number of pixels (1920 x 1080) to allow pixel-to-pixel reproduction of 1080i/1080p HD contents. Standard definition contents can also be enriched to fit the HD resolution, resulting in finer images on screen.
  • Power Bass Booster
    With the new Power Bass Booster, harmonics are generated at different frequency intervals. As a result, the depth of the frequency is increased and clarity of the bass sound is strengthened.
  • Contrast Booster
    When adjusting the contrast of the picture, the original colour of the picture is affected together with the adjustment. These contrast adjustments can result in the picture colour being too dark or too bright. With the new Contrast Booster, a complex luminance and chrominance adjustment process selects the optimal colour on the picture contrast without affecting the original colour settings.
  • REGZA Engine
    REGZA Engine is the advanced video processing circuit developed by Toshiba. This advanced video processing technology reproduces high resolution images by using complex calculations to enhance the received signals to the highest video quality.
  • LED Backlight
    LED technology is an advanced backlighting system that guarantees new levels of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen. Colours are made more vibrant and contrast between light and dark is more pronounced, providing dramatically improved performance, while overall energy consumption is reduced.
  • Design
  • Picture
    Any great TV should sound as good as it looks. Whether it's the two smartly hidden built-in speakers or the dedicated sound bar that houses 20W high power speakers, the stylish speaker profile completes the aesthetics to complement the narrow bezel design.
  • Optical Audio Out
    Optical Audio Out transmits high quality audio via light wave transmission. Digital audio signals are transmitted to reproduce high quality audio through the amplifier system without quality loss, unlike conventional audio cable connections.
    With PC input, your TV doubles up as a monitor for your computer. Viewing of PC contents or video playback on larger screen display is a breeze.
  • Photo Playback
    Enjoy the playback convenience of photos and MP3 files directly on your TV. Simply plug in your USB memory device for hours of non-stop entertainment.
  • Auto Signal Booster
    Auto Signal Booster improves the sensitivity to weak radio frequency (RF) signal. Image becomes clearer when the RF signal is strengthened during weak signal reception.
    HDMI TERMINALS (High Definition Multimedia Interface) - is the industry-first uncompressed, all-digital video and audio connection which supports high definition video signals and multi-channel audio signals. HDMI combines the advantages of originality, high picture quality, user-friendliness, and compatibility into one advance digital cable and terminal. All Toshiba REGZA LCD TVs are equipped with HDMI terminal.
  • Audio
  • Engine
  • Connectivity
     Game Mode allows gamers to unleash their potential to the fullest with its automatic selection of screen size to display 100% of the game console's information to ensure critical gaming information is not missed out. Game Mode will also reduce the brightness to provide a more suitable gaming environment.
  • Narrow Bezel
    Models with narrow bezel design stands out with its modern high gloss black and narrow bezel with the slimmest edge at 17mm. The minimalistic design offers you more space for a bigger screen. It is amazingly easy to fit into most interior design.
    Adopting a "Less is More" stance to the TV design, Toshiba has created a minimised slim product, shaving off every millimeter of wasted space. The narrow bezel gives an almost borderless effect that maximises the impact of the screen, making the TV design feels effortless and quietly beautiful.







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