Satellite C50-A394

Part Number : PSCG8V-05900FAR


Satellite C50-A

Satellite C50-A004 Satellite C50-A006 Satellite C50-A012 Satellite C50-A013 Satellite C50-A014 Satellite C50-A055 Satellite C50-A074 Satellite C50-A089 Satellite C50-A090 Satellite C50-A096 Satellite C50-A166 Satellite C50-A167 Satellite C50-A170 Satellite C50-A176 Satellite C50-A182 Satellite C50-A183 Satellite C50-A229 Satellite C50-A245 Satellite C50-A249 Satellite C50-A250 Satellite C50-A251 Satellite C50-A253 Satellite C50-A264 Satellite C50-A271 Satellite C50-A283 Satellite C50-A299 Satellite C50-A393 Satellite C50-A394 Satellite C50-A412 Satellite C50-A422 Satellite C50-A428 Satellite C50-A441 Satellite C50-A470 Satellite C50-A473 Satellite C50-A481 Satellite C50-A482 Satellite C50-A483 Satellite C50-A484 Satellite C50-A489 Satellite C50-A490 Satellite C50-A491 Satellite C50-A497 Satellite C50-A502 Satellite C50-A506 Satellite C50-A507 Satellite C50-A510 Satellite C50-A511 Satellite C50-A512 Satellite C50-A513 Satellite C50-A514 Satellite C50-A533 Satellite C50-A534 Satellite C50-A535 Satellite C50-A536 Satellite C50-A537 Satellite C50-A538 Satellite C50-A539 Satellite C50-A544 Satellite C50-A545 Satellite C50-A546 Satellite C50-A547 Satellite C50-A548 Satellite C50-A550 Satellite C50-A559 Satellite C50-A560 Satellite C50-A561 Satellite C50-A562 Satellite C50-A569 Satellite C50-A570 Satellite C50-A571 Satellite C50-A572 Satellite C50-A589 Satellite C50-A613 Satellite C50-A628 Satellite C50-A630 Satellite C50-A634 Satellite C50-A635 Satellite C50D-A164 Satellite C50D-A173 Satellite C50D-A620 Satellite C50D-A620 Satellite C50D-A631 Satellite C50T-A092 Satellite C50T-A142 Satellite C50T-A195 Satellite C50T-A294 Satellite C50T-A382 Satellite C50T-A404
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Processor3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3-3110M Processor

Operating system
Design Colour
System memory

Hard disk

DVD Super Multi drive (Double Layer)

Slim DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive
Toshiba TruBrite® HD TFT High Brightness display with 16 : 9 aspect ratio and LED backlighting

Graphics adapterIntel® HD Graphics 4000

Internal video modes
Max. external video modes


Wireless communication

Wired communication


Pointing deviceTouchpad with multi-touch control supporting various scroll, zoom and launch functionalities at your fingertips.

AC adapter

Physical dimensions

Sound system


Bundled hardware

Security features

Special features


Operating System
Design Colour
System Memory

Hard disk

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